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Adults Are Shocked Over The New Benefits That Come With Via New Policy

By Lin Ray on 23 Jan. 2023
Thinking you might need seniors life insurance? But afraid you won’t qualify or that’s it’s too expensive?

Introducing a unique, game-changing life insurance product specially designed for seniors: Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Seniors. 

Health does NOT need to be a barrier to affordable life insurance any longer. With Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Seniors, life insurance coverage is guaranteed no matter any existing health conditions - even if you have a history of serious illness such as heart conditions, cancer, or stroke. 

Traditional life insurance often requires medical underwriting, which includes blood and other invasive tests. The application can take months to process, and are designed to weed out those who often need life insurance the most - seniors!

Luckily, Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Seniors has no blood tests, no medical tests of any kind. This specialized plan can get Canadians coverage instantly, with no inconvenient agent visits or long complicated paperwork.

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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance benefit can help cover final expenses such as funeral costs and estate taxes. It can help your spouse cover lost income such as CPP, OAS, pension. It can serve as a financial cushion for your children and extended family members. 

This plan gives a peace of mind that your loved ones will be left with your legacy and memory; NOT a mountain of bills and debt.

Most people don’t have the time and patience to search for affordable life insurance rates. This site makes finding great rates for Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance fast and easy.

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